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Fidel is six years old and has a lot of opinions, but he doesn’t quite understand the changes happening in his family. A wistful coming-of-age drama set in Brazil at the time of the Soccer World Cup.



Represented NY Chapter at the Women in Film and Television International Short-case. March, 2016

"Best Of Fest" 

New York International Children Film Festival. February, 2016


Aspen Shortsfest

World Premiere. March, 2015 (Aspen, CO, USA)

Chicago Latino Film Festival

April 15th, 2015 (Chicago, IL, USA)

Palm Springs Shortfest

June, 2015 (Palm Springs, CA, USA)

Nantucket International Film Festival

June, 2015 (Nantucket, MA, USA)

New York International Children Film Festival

February, 2016  (NYC, NY, USA)

Miami International Film Festival

March, 2016 (Miami, FL, USA)

Newport Beach Film Festival 

March, 2016 (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

RapidLion Film Fest

March, 2016 (Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA)

San Antonio Children's Film Festival

July, 2016 (San Antonio, TX, USA)

Modern Museum of Art 

July, 2016 (Forth Worth, Dallas, TX, USA)

Cinema Arts Centre

August , 2016 (Huntington, NY, USA)

Utah Film Center

August, 2016 (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Honolulu Museum of Art

October, 2016 (Honolulu, HAWAII)

Cornell University 

October, 2016 (Ithaca, NY, USA)

Brattleboro Film Festival

November, 2016 (Brattleboro, VT, USA)

Jacob Burns Film Center

November, 2016 (Pleasantville, NY, USA)

Children's International Film Festival Seattle

January, 2017 (Seattle, WA, USA)

Portland Kid's Film Festival  

February, 2017 (Portland, OR, USA)

Victoria Film Festival

February, 2017 (Victoria, CANADA)

Gasparilla International Film Festival

March, 2017 (Tampa Bay, FL, USA)

Ashland Independent Film Festival

April, 2017 (Ashland, OR, USA)

UC Santa Barbara

April, 2017 (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Sleeping Giant Film Fest

May, 2017 (Jacksonville, FL, USA)

Berkshire International Film Festival

June, 2017 (Great Barrington, MA, USA)

Kyoto International Children's Film Festival

August, 2017 (Kyoto, JAPAN)


Ittalo Paixao

Ester Dias

Mauricio Silveira

Veronica Basile

Silvio Matos


Directed by

Thais Drassinower

Written by

Sudarshan Suresh and Thais Drassinower

Produced by

Michel Stolnicki

Edited by

Thais Drassinower

Cinematography by

Toca Seabra

Local Producer

Felipe Bretas

Production Designer

Paula Sattamini

Wardrobe Designer

Joana Millet

First Assistant Director

Dani Leal

First Assistant Camera

Bia Mauro

Second Assistant Camera

Lucas Quintana


Rodrigo Graf

Direct Sound

Vilson Almeida

Boom Operator

Yron Batista

Make up Artist

Tiça Camargo


Vera Freitas, Aline Mendonça


Carla Chueke

Assistant Producer

Julia Schvartzer


Ocimar Marquez