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An unnerving encounter with her estranged father at a night club while on a weekend back home in Lima is enough to remind Lia (19) that there are unhealed wounds. Through a series of disturbing events that night, she will be forced to understand that the only person who can take care of her now is herself


"Best International Short Film - Fiction Award"

Ícaro 22 Festival Internacional de Cine en Centroamérica. November, 2019 

"Audience Award"

NALIP Latino Media Fest. October, 2019

"Best Student Film"

Revolution Me Film Festival. September, 2019

"Best Student Short"

 Hyperwave Film Awards. May, 2019

"Best Coming of Age Short" 

13th Manhattan Film Festival. May, 2019


45th Student Academy Awards. July, 2018

"Adrienne Shelly Foundation Award for Best Female Director"

Columbia University Film Festival. May, 2018

"Jury Selects"

Columbia University Film Festival. May, 2018

"James Bridges Production Grant Award " 

Columbia University Film Festival. May, 2017


FICMARC Caribbean Sea International Film Festival

January 24th, 2020 (Isla Margarita, Venezuela)

1st Athens Marathon Film Festival

November 9th, 2019 (Athens, Greece)

22nd ICARO - Festival Internacional De Cine En Centroamérica 

November 8th, 2019 (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

2nd Linz International Short Film Festival 

November 7th, 2019 (Linz, Austria)

3rd INDIEFLICKS Monthly International Film Festival 

October 7th, 2019 (Manchester, UK)

NALIP Latino Media Fest

October 3rd, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

3rd INDIEFLICKS Monthly International Film Festival

October 2nd, 2019 (Liverpool, UK)

Revolution Me Film Festival

September 29th,  2019 (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Brooklyn Women's Film Festival 

August 25th, 2019. (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

13th Manhattan Film Festival 

 May 4th, 2019. (NY, USA)

2nd Swindon Independent Film Festival 

April 15th, 2019. (Swindon, UK)

29th New Orleans Film Festival 

World Premiere. October, 2018. (New Orleans, USA)




Danna Ben Haim

as Lía

Paul Vega

as Javier

Miguel Iza

 as Andrés

Paula Fischman

as Anto

Fernanda de la Puente

as Ceci

Isabella Pennano

as Estefanía

Roberto Ruiz

as Stepdad

Rosa Luz Puntay

as Rosita

Lucia Caravedo

as Lia's mother

Micaela Belmont

 as Lia's friend

Yamille Nohemí Caparó

as Lia's friend

Ilán Valdés

as Lalo

Jorge Black Tam

as Lalo's friend


Written and directed by

Thais Drassinower

Produced by

Camila Zavala

Sasha John


Executive produced by

Thais Drassinower


Cinematography by

Julián Amaru Estrada

Production design by

Anaí Olivares

Edited by

Mauricio Rivera Hoffman

Thais Drassinower

Associated producers

Karen Kaufman

Raquel Kaufman

Antoine Leroy

Benjamin Perelman


Wardrobe and makeup

Lucciana Proaño


Original Music

Karin Zielinski


Camila Zavala

Renato Fernandez

Line Producing

Jorge Olivas

Carlos Linares

Assistant Director

Nicolás Becerra

2nd Assistant Director

Shirel Lebovich


Cesar Humberto

Távara Rodriguez

Direct Sound

Sebastian Legaspi



Sebastian Romero


Art Production

Ernesto Trujillo

Prop Master

Miguel Angel Verano

First Assistant Camera

Ivan Miranda Moya

Second Assistant Camera

Sasha Schzurich

Data Manager

Victor Martín Diaz


Justo Diestra


Liberman Cristian

Acosta Quispe

Renato Diestra


Script Supervisor

Susan Rojas

Still Photography

Janice Bryson



Pablo Urbano Malca

Linda Suzetty


Condezo Vargas


Luisa Rivas

Joana Agurto

Napoleón Quintana Orneta


Hugo Jesus Cahuas Toullier

Edwin Wilson Tipa Aguirre

Luis Mora Valencia

Javier Hinojosa

Andres Avelino Ramos

Alejandro Zavala

Casting Assistants

 Lina Frank

Stefany Rojo Castillo


Karen Kaufman

 Martha Vainstein

Guillermo Colmenares

Dante Castro



Richarr Becerra Bravo

Cynthia Arias Rocca


Jeff Altman

Visual Effects

Wawin Arriaga

Edit and Sound Design

Steven Aguilar

Brad Nayman


Score Mix

Raúl Astete - StereoMonkey


Wawin Arriaga